Immigrant Rights


Make policy work for our communities.

Alyx has the experience to make the law work for the people. 

In her work with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Alyx helped craft legislation such as the "Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act," which shields immigrant women from the threat of deportation - and permanent separation from their children - when they divorce their abusive husbands. In her career, Alyx has made helping immigrants and those seeking a better life in the United States a priority. She has represented and fought for refugees seeking asylum here and has worked closely with the National Immigrant Justice Center to help young "Dreamers" apply for status under the Obama Administration's DACA program. As your Representative, Alyx will user her experience as a legislative aide and lawyer to find ways to make state policy work for our communities.   

Though immigration policy is the domain of the federal government, Alyx will work closely with immigrant service organizations to ensure that the diverse residents of the 4th District are respected and protected. And, Alyx’s office will welcome AND celebrate diversity in all of its forms. We will honor the many vibrant cultures that make up the beautiful tapestry of the 4th District, including our immigrant communities.

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